Dr. Giulio Gabaldo

DVM, PhD – Expert in Animal Nutrition

I worked as a contract professor of Physiopathology of Dairy Cows Nutrition at the Department of Veterinary Sciences of the University of Parma.


Dr. Giulio Gabaldo

Medico Veterinario
DVM, PhD – Esperto in Nutrizione Animale

Professore a contratto di Tecnopatie Nutrizionali delle Vacche da Latte presso il Dipartimento di Produzioni Animali, Biotecnologie Veterinarie, Qualità e Sicurezza degli Alimenti dell’Università degli Studi di Parma.



I am Dr. Giulio Gabaldo, Veronese veterinary surgeon specialized in the development of new technologies for the field of animal nutrition.

I have practiced my profession for more than forty years, in Italy and in most of Europe, as an expert in Natural Pathologies of Ruminants.

I worked as a nutritionist directly on farms and in the livestock products industry, accumulating great experience in the preparation of feeds, special foods, additives, supplements and food rations.

Specialist in developement of new tecnhologies in the field of Nutrition Animal.

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